A cliff once stood out to the sea,
Standing upon it was hopeless me.

Her hair caught the air,
They formed the Perfect pair,
As my heart began to dare,
The love i wanted to share.

Her eyes were Beauty unbound,
I did not dare make a sound,
For my heart had finally found,
The love with which it was eternally bound.

Her lips ne’er did tremble,
Her voice was sweet as honey,
My faith did try assemble,
The cliff was a temple.

Then came the thought,
Against which I fought,
For it was my heart that taught,
Her Love I sought.

Love is eternal,
Love is infinite,
Love is forever,
Never finite.

Love is a prayer,
One to share,
Love is aware,
Never can tear.

Love is being brave,
In order to save,
The one you gave,
Your heart, your safe.

Love is to be sure,
Ready to endure,
This world of pain,
Just for her gain.

This is what Life is,
Not eternal bliss.
But a wait for the moment,
To end this torment.
To see her eyes, her hair, her lips,
As my thoughts begin to dip,
Into her Perfect world,
To take a sip.


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