Truth is, it’s not the world who decides who you are..
What your life is,
Or what you become.

At the end of the day..
You are the person who decides that.

What the world lacks in character,
Is the strength to be who you are..
To become what you want..
To accomplish what you think is right.

And that’s what needs to be understood,
That no matter what the world says, does, thinks or shows,
You are who you are.

‘Coz there are things,
That no one can touch, change or influence.
These things stay deep in your heart,
Out of reach, invincible to force or rationale.

It’s Hope.
The strength to desire,
To wish, to believe.
The foundation of everything..
Love, Faith, Belief, Happiness.

For it is a Human’s right to Hope..
To Dream, to Aspire, to Achieve, to Observe, to Create, to Innovate, to Love, to Speak, to Show, to Observe, to Hear, to See, to Smell, to Taste, to Question..
And to Change, And to LIVE.


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