Shadows, Shadows everywhere,
Provoking thoughts, Setting snares,
Creating fights, Dividing shares,
Stealing love and Separating pairs.

Yet they are what we cannot spare,
For life without downs is only worth a tear,
Happiness without sorrow is never fair.

And yet we never stop to stare,
How shadows and light form the perfect pair,
Why it is they have to be there?

But I have learnt one thing,
Life is worth nothing,
Without the Shadows, Shadows Everywhere.


4 thoughts on “Shadows

      • I do not understand the point you are trying to make,

        But if you want to know, well I believe some questions are best left unanswered.

        What’s important in life isn’t answering questions about what heaven would be like, but rather to spend your life as a good human being despite not knowing what heaven is like.

        It’s a pointless endless loop to answer this question and has no solution.


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