These Tiny Details

As I pack my bag for tomorrow,
I realize how quickly time elapsed.
But yet, it’s evident that it seems like a lifetime filled with memories since the year began.

Time flew so fast.
One minute I was complaining about how I’ll be able to manage a whole year.
The next minute I’m complaining about how I’ll manage¬†another year.
Perhaps, the next minute will be the end of everything.

Life seems like a dream.
Behind me lies my Memories, my School, my Life.
Before me lies a Void. A nexus between me and the World beyond.

I cannot stop thinking about each moment. Each detail. Each second.
And it seems that it’s all almost over.

And although the path seems more foggy with every passing second,
The truth becomes more clear.

It’s the little details in life.
It’s these little details that we cherish.
That we really remember forever.
It’s these little details,
That define who we are.
And make us what we become.
Thus, shaping our lives.
In a unique way we seldom realize.

And as I pack my bag for tomorrow,
I finally see the truth.
Life suddenly seems too short.

Have a Great Day, a Great Year, and a Great Life ahead.
Just make every single second count.
That’s what really matters.


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