A Wonderful Smile

It’s that Feeling. The one I can’t explain.

It’s extraordinary how a simple smile can instill such a strange emotion.

It’s this feeling..
Vague but yet strong,
Simple but yet significant,
Diminished but yet noticeable,
Weak but yet powerful,
Small but yet diversified,
Happy but yet unique,
Loving but yet sweet.

It’s this tender feeling of warm comfort slowly seeping into every part of your body.

Like this warm and soothing liquid filling you steadily, making you feel pleasant and happy.

It ain’t happiness, it’s more deep than that.

You don’t smile.
It makes you feel like smiling,
But it doesn’t make you smile.

It’s the comfort,
The thought,
The wonderful realization,
That you are the cause for someone’s happiness.

And the fact that, that person actually does mean more than the world to you..
It makes you feel, Nice.

And no matter how much you fail every single day in your life..
That person can make you feel like you’ve just won the entire universe.

No words can describe it,
It’s not strong but not too vague.
It’s just there.
It changes you..not by it’s effects, but by it’s presence.

It makes you feel happy and loved..
But above all,
It gives you this extraordinary,
Simply beautiful light feeling,
Making you feel special.

This is, in the most abstract way,


Rational and Realistic

To Dream, is a Gift.
For the things that cannot be expressed through mere words, are the ones that are truly eternal and infinite.

Dreams are desires much beyond the world’s understanding.
Dreams are a Hope, for a better tomorrow, a happier world and a perfect future.

Never stop dreaming, never let your feet touch the ground.
Dream big and Dream creatively.

It’s only when we stop dreaming, that we allow reality to take control of us, that we let ourselves to be contained by these practical boundaries.

Life is but a dream. What is possible, is what we made possible. What isn’t, is what forms our dreams.

And, in that way, Dreams are not in the slightest way illogical, but rather reasonable and realistic.