The Clear Complexity

It’ll all end One day.
We’ll lose the ones we love, the ones that matter.
And nothing in this world can help that fact.

One day, it’ll actually make sense.
Things may get clearer or they’ll just remain complicated.
But in that fogginess will we find our hardest moments.

One day, the only things left with us would be the memories of the dream world that once was, but might never be.

One day, we’ll be alone, thinking about the mistakes, the moments, and the thought that perhaps it was never enough.

One day, we’ll understand how seconds really do matter to the tiniest detail, and it’s these tiniest of details that make our life
worth living.

One day, we’ll understand what it means to be happy, to have someone special, to have people to talk to, to have a life.

One day, we’ll regret the chances we didn’t take ’cause we feared our dream world seemed too real to be true.

One day, we’ll forgive and forget, repent and regret, loose and let our lives and our breath.

One day, we’ll understand how, in truth, it’s actually the sadness that made the happiness more significant, for smiles follow
tears and tears cause smiles, and that is the only constant cycle in our ever-changing cosmos.