Broken Hope

I wish someone would understand,
What it feels like to lose.
It’s like all I’ve been doing,
Has earned me nothing but a noose.

But that’s something we learn,
Over a period of time.
We can’t change the fact,
That life will never rhyme.

To the old, and to the new,
May our hearts remain constant as our lives continue.

For I am lonely, but not you.
‘Tis the way life works,
Out of the blue.

I hope you understand,
That I meant no harm.
The world may finally win,
But I just can’t keep calm.

We had hopes,
And we had dreams.
But now I’m empty a vessel,
No more bursting at the seams.

I knew it was different,
For no one else felt the same.
But I wish I knew,
It was my heart that I must tame.

I wish there was something,
Left for me to do.
But it’s too risky, no,
And the benefits would be few.

I’m restless and weak,
Dying for some sleep.
The tears don’t come out,
For they still feel the doubt.

In this mind of mine,
You shall exist eternally.
How can I ever stop loving you,
When you mean so much to me.

I know you want out,
And I understand why.
It’s all practically impossible,
But I choose to deny.

Because I know how to work,
I’ve understood my mistakes.
I won’t go wrong,
I’ll wait as long as it takes.

It’s been a complex journey,
You and me.
I’ve tried to move on,
But the reason I cannot see.

I wish someone would understand,
How I feel alone.
I’ve been fighting for you, sunshine,
Always will and always have.