Mistakes A Minority

I tell myself it’s alright,
I say it’s okay.
These troubles will leave me,
Some day in some way.

I beg for forgiveness,
My tears remain.
But I know inside,
It’ll happen again.

What’s the point of remorse,
Or the need for a fight.
If I can’t even bother,
To escape this plight.

I’ve made mistakes,
I’ve done so many wrongs.
It might never matter again,
While you sing this song.

They listen to me,
Put me down,
Then Raise my hand,
Without a frown.

“You’re sick”, they say,
“You’ve gone wrong again.”
It’s just so confusing,
And the worst of pain.

These voices inside me,
They never cease.
I’ve made terrible mistakes,
I don’t want to believe.

I deserve no forgiveness,
I deserve no pity.
I’m a pathetic fool,
Locked out of my city.

I loved too much,
I hated none.
The cobwebs gathered,
From the sins I have done.

I was always loyal,
I never looked away.
They were just distractions,
While walking my way.

You deserve better,
It’s obvious and true.
I don’t need a solution,
I have all the clues.

These mountains of guilt,
Cry rivers of shame.
For there is no one else,
But myself to blame.

You don’t know my secrets,
But I wish you did.
What’s love if not expressed,
While my sins are well hid.

I’m tired of lying,
My mind longs for a priest.
I need you with me,
A smile at least.

Yes, this is the truth.
It’s a beautiful lie.
You’ve always been perfect,
But never was I.

These voices shall exist,
As long as my sins persist.
An endless pit,
Which I aimed to lit,
And failed everyday,
Terribly, I must say.

I hope I find solace.
I hope I can say,
That these troubles will leave me.
Some day. Some way.


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