We all have our own stories,
That build on our dreams.
Not of broken hearts,
Or petty mistakes and,
Happy endings but,
One of pure perspective.

To those who believe in love,
And to the non-existent other,
Love is not a game to play,
But Pain it’s twin brother.

To the ones in search,
And to the ones who yearn,
May your heart be filled with passion,
And your fate never turn.

We pick up broken pieces,
To fix the things that matter,
Loose the blood that made us human,
Feeling numb and tattered.

We lose the heart that made us love,
Fall to the ground whence we came,
Endure a pain that kills inside,
The love we tried to tame.

We curse ourselves every day,
Regret with clenched fists,
The frustration of thinking about,
Sins that form endless lists.

We long for devotion,
A familiar face or voice,
Alone in this trap we made,
It was all but a choice.

We wish we could explain,
How it feels and felt,
To cause our own destruction,
To have our own cards dealt.

The grandeur of the story,
The pain we try to mend,
Alas we can never stop,
Loving till the end.

So burn the blood-red curtains,
Embrace the cold outside,
Love was meant to be this hard,
To hold against the tide.

Your heart shall feel the tears,
If it did cherish the shine,
It must be strong and willing,
Or just as cold as mine.

You’ll learn to love with purpose,
And begin to feel strong,
Life will regain meaning,
And it won’t feel wrong.

We felt it all,
Me and my heart,
We went through it all,
By playing our part.

Please be strong,
It’s our word from us to you,
Life always gets better,
As love does too.

As you finally do relinquish,
The hurt will soothe your soul,
You’ll start to see differently,
The world will seem whole.

A story ain’t about tears,
Nor is it about the smiles.
‘Tis about the lessons it gave you,
Which are worth a million miles.

We hope you have a great life,
And try not to fret,
You’re beautiful the way you are,
And on that we can bet.

Walk to your happiness,
Find peace in what you do,
Stand up for ideas and people,
If they matter to you.

Life will always be like this,
It is not a human error,
It’s the way the cosmos is,
Bent out of shape,
In its own painful terror.

Please do smile more often,
It’s a beautiful thing to do.
We just really hope you know,
That we will always, love you.


Note to readers

Dedicated to the people in my life,
And to those pair of eyes that I look for every day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s,
Spreading love and joy wherever you could.


Cheers and Ciao.
Sam Andrew.