We all have our own stories,
That build on our dreams.
Not of broken hearts,
Or petty mistakes and,
Happy endings but,
One of pure perspective.

To those who believe in love,
And to the non-existent other,
Love is not a game to play,
But Pain it’s twin brother.

To the ones in search,
And to the ones who yearn,
May your heart be filled with passion,
And your fate never turn.

We pick up broken pieces,
To fix the things that matter,
Loose the blood that made us human,
Feeling numb and tattered.

We lose the heart that made us love,
Fall to the ground whence we came,
Endure a pain that kills inside,
The love we tried to tame.

We curse ourselves every day,
Regret with clenched fists,
The frustration of thinking about,
Sins that form endless lists.

We long for devotion,
A familiar face or voice,
Alone in this trap we made,
It was all but a choice.

We wish we could explain,
How it feels and felt,
To cause our own destruction,
To have our own cards dealt.

The grandeur of the story,
The pain we try to mend,
Alas we can never stop,
Loving till the end.

So burn the blood-red curtains,
Embrace the cold outside,
Love was meant to be this hard,
To hold against the tide.

Your heart shall feel the tears,
If it did cherish the shine,
It must be strong and willing,
Or just as cold as mine.

You’ll learn to love with purpose,
And begin to feel strong,
Life will regain meaning,
And it won’t feel wrong.

We felt it all,
Me and my heart,
We went through it all,
By playing our part.

Please be strong,
It’s our word from us to you,
Life always gets better,
As love does too.

As you finally do relinquish,
The hurt will soothe your soul,
You’ll start to see differently,
The world will seem whole.

A story ain’t about tears,
Nor is it about the smiles.
‘Tis about the lessons it gave you,
Which are worth a million miles.

We hope you have a great life,
And try not to fret,
You’re beautiful the way you are,
And on that we can bet.

Walk to your happiness,
Find peace in what you do,
Stand up for ideas and people,
If they matter to you.

Life will always be like this,
It is not a human error,
It’s the way the cosmos is,
Bent out of shape,
In its own painful terror.

Please do smile more often,
It’s a beautiful thing to do.
We just really hope you know,
That we will always, love you.


Note to readers

Dedicated to the people in my life,
And to those pair of eyes that I look for every day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s,
Spreading love and joy wherever you could.


Cheers and Ciao.
Sam Andrew.



A room of seventy,
A mind of none,
A unique process,
In the heart of one.

A blinking tube,
And blood red curtains,
These staring eyes,
Of boredom, certain.

A Waltz in mind,
Crystal moonlight,
Thoughts start to quiver,
In an embrace so tight.

It’s a New Year,
with new days,
A new direction,
A fresh maze.

Yes you’ll have all your memories,
The remorse and regret,
The pains of before,
In your mind will be set.

But they’ll make you strive forward,
They’ll inspire your dreams,
‘Tis a hurtful world we live in,
With pain bursting at the seams.

You’ve hurt several friends,
You’ve done wrong every day,
But it always happens.
And I mean what I say.

I know how it is,
How sins can haunt,
They prick and poke,
And curse and taunt.

The world will still move on.
I know it will,
We all made mistakes,
Whose guilt we can’t kill.

But your life isn’t binary,
It’s not black and white.
There’s people to love,
And colours in sight.

Smile at people,
Go on, go ahead.
You look happy when you do,
It’s a message unsaid.

Feel better about yourself,
Not through masks or make up,
But like the warmth of the sunshine,
Or coffee from a cup.

You’ve been given a chance,
This mysterious riddle,
Question and observe,
At least then we’ll learn a little.

I need you to promise,
To whom it doesn’t matter,
That you’ll believe in yourself,
And not let it tatter.

Look at your mirror,
Tell yourself it’ll be alright.
Because it always has, and always will be worth the fight.


Note to readers

Once again, a very Happy New Year to all of you!
I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you.

Learn to learn and Learn to love.
For if you truly want something,
and I mean truly with all your heart,
the entire cosmos would be on your side if you ask.

A Happy 2016 to you all.

Cheers and Ciao.
Sam Andrew

Mistakes A Minority

I tell myself it’s alright,
I say it’s okay.
These troubles will leave me,
Some day in some way.

I beg for forgiveness,
My tears remain.
But I know inside,
It’ll happen again.

What’s the point of remorse,
Or the need for a fight.
If I can’t even bother,
To escape this plight.

I’ve made mistakes,
I’ve done so many wrongs.
It might never matter again,
While you sing this song.

They listen to me,
Put me down,
Then Raise my hand,
Without a frown.

“You’re sick”, they say,
“You’ve gone wrong again.”
It’s just so confusing,
And the worst of pain.

These voices inside me,
They never cease.
I’ve made terrible mistakes,
I don’t want to believe.

I deserve no forgiveness,
I deserve no pity.
I’m a pathetic fool,
Locked out of my city.

I loved too much,
I hated none.
The cobwebs gathered,
From the sins I have done.

I was always loyal,
I never looked away.
They were just distractions,
While walking my way.

You deserve better,
It’s obvious and true.
I don’t need a solution,
I have all the clues.

These mountains of guilt,
Cry rivers of shame.
For there is no one else,
But myself to blame.

You don’t know my secrets,
But I wish you did.
What’s love if not expressed,
While my sins are well hid.

I’m tired of lying,
My mind longs for a priest.
I need you with me,
A smile at least.

Yes, this is the truth.
It’s a beautiful lie.
You’ve always been perfect,
But never was I.

These voices shall exist,
As long as my sins persist.
An endless pit,
Which I aimed to lit,
And failed everyday,
Terribly, I must say.

I hope I find solace.
I hope I can say,
That these troubles will leave me.
Some day. Some way.

Broken Hope

I wish someone would understand,
What it feels like to lose.
It’s like all I’ve been doing,
Has earned me nothing but a noose.

But that’s something we learn,
Over a period of time.
We can’t change the fact,
That life will never rhyme.

To the old, and to the new,
May our hearts remain constant as our lives continue.

For I am lonely, but not you.
‘Tis the way life works,
Out of the blue.

I hope you understand,
That I meant no harm.
The world may finally win,
But I just can’t keep calm.

We had hopes,
And we had dreams.
But now I’m empty a vessel,
No more bursting at the seams.

I knew it was different,
For no one else felt the same.
But I wish I knew,
It was my heart that I must tame.

I wish there was something,
Left for me to do.
But it’s too risky, no,
And the benefits would be few.

I’m restless and weak,
Dying for some sleep.
The tears don’t come out,
For they still feel the doubt.

In this mind of mine,
You shall exist eternally.
How can I ever stop loving you,
When you mean so much to me.

I know you want out,
And I understand why.
It’s all practically impossible,
But I choose to deny.

Because I know how to work,
I’ve understood my mistakes.
I won’t go wrong,
I’ll wait as long as it takes.

It’s been a complex journey,
You and me.
I’ve tried to move on,
But the reason I cannot see.

I wish someone would understand,
How I feel alone.
I’ve been fighting for you, sunshine,
Always will and always have.

From Venus to Mars

Sit, breathe and relax.

While you watch the stars,
From Venus to Mars.

You can never know when,
You’ll ever have this again,
In this world of men,
Who act and pretend.

So sit, breathe and relax.

Don’t think so much,
Don’t take it hard as such.
‘Cause it isn’t about losing,
There are things that can be amusing,

You just need to look in a way,
A way that’s hard to portray,
The way that’ll wipe away,
The dis-content, the dismay.

But now sit, breathe and relax.

Close your eyes and your mind,
To the world and then perhaps,

Give a moment for yourself,
Not for things that you can’t help.

But rather the friendships you made,
With the chances you saved.
The different people you met,
Who you finally let,
Become a part of your year,
Now that’s something to cheer.

So make this your resolution,
Isn’t it the sure solution.

To think about everything,
Big and small,
From the birds to the fish,
And the rivers to the waterfall.

Wish yourself a Happy New Year,
There isn’t anything to fear.
Hold a hand, hug a friend,
Tell them they matter, don’t pretend.

As you wait below these stars,
Across Venus and Mars,
With your family and loved ones,
And make this year, a better one.


Note to readers

A very Happy New Year to all of you!
It’s been a wonderful year, for the blog as well thanks to you.

Have a great year ahead, and I wish all of you all the happiness in the world.┬áDon’t forget to smile!

A Happy 2015 to you all.

Cheers and Ciao.
Sam Andrew


For the things that define us,
The ones that destroy us.
To life and despair,
The unmatched pair.

For the spring blossom,
And it’s shades of blue-red.
To the autumn sadness,
They’ve gone, they’re dead.

For these early mornings,
The sudden bursts of sunshine.
To those thoughtful nights,
Spent in search for a sign.

For that twist of a smile,
and the tear of a cry,
For these things that perfect us,
The ones that try.

For the ones who see black,
As we think white,
It’s these feelings we lack,
That form shades of light.

For we may never know,
What is not and what may be,
What can be done or what has to be.

For we believe in destiny,
The hardest truth of them all,
The valleys wide and mountains tall,
We cry if we have to,
We die when we die.

Our World

It’s the things that matter,
And the things that don’t.
It’s the people who hurt us,
And the words they told.

It’s the ratios that change us,
And the constants we hold.
It’s the Love we fight for,
And the hate we ignore.

It’s the smile we live for,
And the happiness untold.
It’s the lives we change,
And the lives we fold.

It’s the dreams we die for,
And the Hope that we don’t.
It’s the sorrows we undergo,
And the tears that we show.

It’s the sadness we caused,
And the smiles we made,
The moments we had,
And the Love they hate.

It’s the world we created,
The one we built,
The one we cherish.
And the one we tilt.