A Day As Me

The boring routine of our lives,
Wondrous events that make us sigh,
The boring stuff that make us doze,
Bent down, sleeping on our nose.

But to each, his own unique day,
His own and thoughtful perfect way,
To get past what life throws at you,
The things you do, the things you say.

From the sounds and chirps of the morning,
To the rays of sunlight making me,
Rub my eyes and yawn again,
Forgotten dreams I’ll never see.

Smiling at the birds up high,
Thinking ’bout her when I should be,
Crossing roads and paths alike,
With caution and extremity.

Lectures and drawling speeches,
Of subjects I loved too soon,
Doodles and long calculations,
Constitute my afternoon.

The walking back, the snacks en route,
Pushed forward by the lack of sleep,
Dragging both my legs along,
After a battle, like a sheep.

Looking past this ocean blue,
Staring at the masts at sea,
I sit wondering how perfect,
Our Tiny World can be.

Nights spent below the stars,
Alone, Aloof from what I see,
Deep in thoughts about the world,
Not these starry entities.

So don’t think your days are worthless,
Or say your life is dum,
Life is perfect the way it is,
And there’s always time for fun.

We might all be just boring human beings,
But our lives can still be fairytales,
For magic exists in the simplest of things,
And beauty as well, without fail.

A smile, a hug, a laugh perhaps,
These will light up your day,
But nothing can ever be better than,
People happy at what you say.

You see now, how my day is,
Perhaps the sluggiest you may have seen,
But as pathetic it may seem like,
It is what it is, doesn’t matter what it could’ve been.

Life is what you make out of it,
Life is what you decide,
It’s not the things that were given to you,
So don’t just sit and hide.

Stand up, look ahead,
Don’t sit down and waste your time,
Your numbers are finite and your gifts are counted,
It’s time to make them rhyme.

It’s a beautiful thing we’ve been given,
The ability to think,
The choice to make things work for once,
And never let them sink.

This is your moment,
Your chance to make things right,
Seize it, make the most of it,
Don’t let it out of your sight.

But smile when you have to,
Don’t forget, it’s not a race,
Enjoy these wonderful moments,
In your own peaceful pace.

So the next time your day doesn’t go well,
And the reason you cannot see,
Smile, and thank the heavens that,
It isn’t a Day As Me.