From Venus to Mars

Sit, breathe and relax.

While you watch the stars,
From Venus to Mars.

You can never know when,
You’ll ever have this again,
In this world of men,
Who act and pretend.

So sit, breathe and relax.

Don’t think so much,
Don’t take it hard as such.
‘Cause it isn’t about losing,
There are things that can be amusing,

You just need to look in a way,
A way that’s hard to portray,
The way that’ll wipe away,
The dis-content, the dismay.

But now sit, breathe and relax.

Close your eyes and your mind,
To the world and then perhaps,

Give a moment for yourself,
Not for things that you can’t help.

But rather the friendships you made,
With the chances you saved.
The different people you met,
Who you finally let,
Become a part of your year,
Now that’s something to cheer.

So make this your resolution,
Isn’t it the sure solution.

To think about everything,
Big and small,
From the birds to the fish,
And the rivers to the waterfall.

Wish yourself a Happy New Year,
There isn’t anything to fear.
Hold a hand, hug a friend,
Tell them they matter, don’t pretend.

As you wait below these stars,
Across Venus and Mars,
With your family and loved ones,
And make this year, a better one.


Note to readers

A very Happy New Year to all of you!
It’s been a wonderful year, for the blog as well thanks to you.

Have a great year ahead, and I wish all of you all the happiness in the world.┬áDon’t forget to smile!

A Happy 2015 to you all.

Cheers and Ciao.
Sam Andrew