For the things that define us,
The ones that destroy us.
To life and despair,
The unmatched pair.

For the spring blossom,
And it’s shades of blue-red.
To the autumn sadness,
They’ve gone, they’re dead.

For these early mornings,
The sudden bursts of sunshine.
To those thoughtful nights,
Spent in search for a sign.

For that twist of a smile,
and the tear of a cry,
For these things that perfect us,
The ones that try.

For the ones who see black,
As we think white,
It’s these feelings we lack,
That form shades of light.

For we may never know,
What is not and what may be,
What can be done or what has to be.

For we believe in destiny,
The hardest truth of them all,
The valleys wide and mountains tall,
We cry if we have to,
We die when we die.


What We Lack

When one looks at the world,
He sees nothing but materialism and contempt, selfishness and greed.
Many believe that the world lacks people that love,
Truth is, the world lacks people who love for a meaning.

Never, ever define love.
It’s only when we define something like Love, that it’s very essence is lost.
True Love is everything around us,
It is unexplainable, undefinable, limitless and dimensionless.
It is not contained by clear-cut boundaries or materialistic parameters.

The world does not lack love,
It lacks meaning.
The world does not lack strength,
It lacks the will to fight for the right love.

And it’s only when we realise that,
That we begin to experience True Love as it is,
Eternal and Beautiful.

The Journey

Nature’s palette is vast,
As ships are one with their mast,
Upon this Ocean wide,
Shall we all take a side.

Everyone is the cast,
There exists no time for the past,
Upon this Ocean tide,
Shall we all once have a ride.

Only Love will last,
As time passes fast,
Upon this Endless land,
Shall we never count sand.

Life is such,
It is never much,
Upon these Sands of Time,
Shall we never mind.



Shadows, Shadows everywhere,
Provoking thoughts, Setting snares,
Creating fights, Dividing shares,
Stealing love and Separating pairs.

Yet they are what we cannot spare,
For life without downs is only worth a tear,
Happiness without sorrow is never fair.

And yet we never stop to stare,
How shadows and light form the perfect pair,
Why it is they have to be there?

But I have learnt one thing,
Life is worth nothing,
Without the Shadows, Shadows Everywhere.

These Tiny Details

As I pack my bag for tomorrow,
I realize how quickly time elapsed.
But yet, it’s evident that it seems like a lifetime filled with memories since the year began.

Time flew so fast.
One minute I was complaining about how I’ll be able to manage a whole year.
The next minute I’m complaining about how I’ll manage another year.
Perhaps, the next minute will be the end of everything.

Life seems like a dream.
Behind me lies my Memories, my School, my Life.
Before me lies a Void. A nexus between me and the World beyond.

I cannot stop thinking about each moment. Each detail. Each second.
And it seems that it’s all almost over.

And although the path seems more foggy with every passing second,
The truth becomes more clear.

It’s the little details in life.
It’s these little details that we cherish.
That we really remember forever.
It’s these little details,
That define who we are.
And make us what we become.
Thus, shaping our lives.
In a unique way we seldom realize.

And as I pack my bag for tomorrow,
I finally see the truth.
Life suddenly seems too short.

Have a Great Day, a Great Year, and a Great Life ahead.
Just make every single second count.
That’s what really matters.

Loving People

Life is never the way you want it to be.
One day you have everything.
The next day you won’t.
Life is so varied and diverse. You just can’t think about it in a simple manner.

There’s always more to life. Love, Happiness, Peace. These are things worth fighting for.
And keep fighting. Keep fighting your entire life if you have to.
But just remember. Sometimes, you have to give up to keep the ones you love happy. The pain is unbearable. But the motive, if pure, will be true.

Just Live life. Don’t take things too seriously. Love when there is love. Love when there is hate. Love Always.
Because no matter what. Only Love is forever, infinite and limitless.

Love people. Not because of what their place is in the society. Not because of what families they came from. Not because of their culture, background or any other material parameter.

Love people because there are people to be loved. Love because there are certain people in your life that need that love.

Life is really a journey. We don’t know what happened neither what is going to happen. It just does.

But if it’s one thing we need to believe in, it’s that at any moment of your life, You have the power to say that this is not how the story ends.

Love everyone infinitely. Love everyone till you have nothing but love for them.
Because that’s what matters in life.
Our limitless and enduring, Love.